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Welcome to Hack Fort Worth

Hack Fort Worth is a monthly meeting of likeminded people who are intersted in computers, information security, lockpicking, moding, etc... Hack Fort Worth is on Tuesday after DC214 each month. So the Tuesday after the second wednesday. You can find details here at the DFW InfoSec Calendar Locations may change. Hack FtW is currently meeting at Bar Louie off West 7th St. It is across the bridge from downtown Fort Worth. The format is a cross between DC214 and DHA. We encourage everyone to speak but will allow presentations if anyone is wanting to give a talk. There will be an intro to talk about industry news, open to infosec, hardware hacking, cons, books, etc... I will be showing up at 6pm and will be having an intro to hacking conversations for the first hour for those interested. Depending on the interest I will cover concepts and tools for network and application testing, OSINT, resources, lock-picking, and just whatever. The meetings will start at 7pm and will be as much about hanging out and getting to know people as anything else. These groups are great places to learn from one another and open up friendships that can advance careers as well as interests, ask and you will see that from this list. The idea of HackFTW is to compliment other groups and add a location on the west side of the metroplex as many of us just live to far away to make it to Dallas anymore. Just like DC214 and DHA, the group will be what you make it, but I will help with logistics and organization. Places to follow: For now I encourage everyone to use the dc214 list. The traffic is not much and it is a good place to keep people in DFW informed. At last count there were about 290 people on the list. Thanks Lee 'MadHat' Heath